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Debt Counselling

F3 Members first undergo financial counselling and then debt management. Thereafter they will begin the formal debt review process which will be assisted by one of our NCR accredited debt counsellors.  

The F3 member although liable for the legislated costs of this comprehensive process will benefit from discounted rates. The costs however will be included in the repayment plan of the individual, and therefore will not have a further negative financial impact.  

The comprehensive Formal Debt Review process includes:-

  • A Complete financial needs analysis
  • Auditing all accounts being paid
  • Recommending where credit can be restructured
  • Completing a detailed financial budget
  • Obtaining debt information from creditors
  • Negotiating favourable payments with creditors
  • Following up on budgets to ensure adherence

Finally, the basics to creating a financially debt-free future are relatively simple and can be achieved in various different ways, however the discipline required to manage one’s finances is the hard part.  

Many people delay taking control of their financial destiny by thinking it is too complicated. Yet, not doing anything - is the worst course of action…

So, with the services provided in the F3 Programme, members can take the first step by dedicating the time to understand where their money is coming from, where it’s going to and how to make sure that the way it’s managed falls in line with what matters most to them in life.

Contact Us

Contact us on:

86 Oxford Road, Houghton Estate | Johannesburg | 2198

Tel: +27 (0) 11 912 1014 / 19

0860 086 091

sms: 34341

Fax: 086 110 1451